Guru Nanak Dev Polytechnic College, Ludhiana
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Civil Engineering

It is the oldest branch of engineering discipline in Guru Nanak Dey Polytechnic College , Ludhiana established in the year 1956. Department of civil engineering offers a broad based diploma programme in civil engineering to matriculate students. The course curriculum is comprehensive and designed properly to provide a sound background to the students in all the areas related to civil engineering field through practical training camps , site visits , theory classes , project work and lab practicals. As a result of immense hardwork of qualified , experienced and committed faculty members since last five decades , the department has acquired position of eminence in the whole of northern India. With the construction boom and the numerous building projects being taken by Indian and multinational companies in the country , the job prospects for civil engineers have grown tremendously in the last quarter of decade. The government is spending millions on infrastructure development for the comfort and safety of its people. This amount is going to multiply many folds in the near future because of various projects in hand of government as well as due to private players also coming in the fray . Civil Engineering is considered to be the ‘ mother of all discipline’. Job of a civil engineer is to co-ordinate a construction project and to integrate activities not only in the areas of design , planning and execution but other important fields like survey , soil testing , quality control, engineering safety, project planning , construction and maintenance of highways , bridges and dam construction etc. The job also involve a considerable amount of filed research and supervision often outdoors under all kinds of weather conditions.


Career Opportunities

Civil Engineering Labs
  1. Structures Lab.
  2. Surveying Lab.
  3. Soil Mechanics Lab.
  4. Environment Lab.
  5. Model Room
  6. Construction Material Lab.
  7. Highway Engg. Lab
  8. Computer Lab.